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ZXCVBNN White Mop Floor Mops Large Flat Mop Household All Aluminum Wood Lazy Mop Household Mop - B09F3Q4JQ1N

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  • Design: Let the daily necessities of the home become a fashion item, durable and high-quality materials, easier to use, so that cleaning can be a pleasure. You can easily clean the mop with just a light twist. For your clean and tidy life, take action together.

  • Material: Stainless steel is durable and has good corrosion resistance and heat resistance. It is very convenient.

  • Fine fibers are soft and tough, with good water absorption and abrasion resistance. High quality plastic materials provide long-term use.

  • Details: Superior water absorption capacity, effective cleaning, suitable for all kinds of floors.The handle design makes it more comfortable to use. The low-effort lever design facilitates the extrusion of moisture.

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  • Color Classification: White
    Rod length: 82cm~131cm
    Size: 60 cm
    Rod material: stainless steel
    Mop material: fiber
    The new and unique design brings convenience to your life.
    Let you relax and enjoy the life with ease and pleasure.
    You can give your wife or mother, so that they no longer tired of cleaning the house.
    Craftsmanship, quality of life, I wish you a happy life.
    Great helper for cleaning the home or office!
    1. One hole is dried and one hole is fresh;
    2. Up and down three times, quickly remove the water stains, lengthen the debar length 1.28m;
    3. Automatic retraction, easy to operate;
    4.360° flexible rotation, no dead corners;
    4. Portable hand-held, non-slip design;
    5. Increase the widened carriage, Velcro design, double drainage design, bottom drain design.★welcome to our shop. The quality of our products has been strictly inspected, and you deserve it. I wish you a happy life

    ZXCVBNN White Mop Floor Mops Large Flat Mop Household All Aluminum Wood Lazy Mop Household Mop - B09F3Q4JQ1N

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