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ZXCVBNN 360° Rotating Mop Flat Mop for Household Use Wet and Dry Triple Gripper Freely Retractable - B09F3PMNS5M

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  • Flat mop, wet and dry, triple clamping teeth, free extension|, 360° rotation.

  • Wet and dry do not pick the floor and wipe it clean and dry to remove dust and ash, wet can remove dirt and absorb water. Easily and easily, it can effectively deal with various ground dirt. The triple clamps clamp the cloth tightly with three rows of 55 clamps, which can effectively fix the mop, ensure the firmness of the cloth, and greatly increase the bite force. It is pulled straighter during cleaning and is not easy to fall off.

  • Easy to open and close..The real material is made of steel material to make the service life longer. Special grade steel is selected to make the mop shaft, which is not easy to deform or break during use. The real material is durable and durable.

  • Unique switch type lock, easy and flexible length, firm and non-slip, suitable for all sizes and heights, 360° rotation specializes in all kinds of dead corners, but also clean under the bed, 360 heads can be rotated flexibly, 5cm execution height, dexterous and effective for wall surfaces Various narrow spaces such as blind corners, skirting lines, and staircase corners.

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  • Name: Flat Mop
    color: White
    Material: PP, 201 stainless steel
    Size: board 26cm*13.5cm pole 130cm
    Net weight: 580g
    Folding: foldable
    Applicable object: the public
    Mop material: polyester fiber
    1. One hole is dried and one hole is fresh;
    2. Up and down three times, quickly remove the water stains, lengthen the debar length 1.28m;
    3. Automatic retraction, easy to operate;
    4.360° flexible rotation, no dead corners;
    4. Portable hand-held, non-slip design;
    5. Increase the widened carriage, Velcro design, double drainage design, bottom drain design.★welcome to our shop. The quality of our products has been strictly inspected, and you deserve it. I wish you a happy life

    ZXCVBNN 360° Rotating Mop Flat Mop for Household Use Wet and Dry Triple Gripper Freely Retractable - B09F3PMNS5M

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