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SN SKENNOVA Asian Broom Thai Pattern Vintage Retro Natural Grass Broom Handmade Orange - B08MKRT5SKN

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  • 100% NATURAL GRASS BROOM MADE IN THAILAND: This Traditional Grass Broom is 100% handmade with Natural Grass obtained from Thailand mountains four month a year from November to February

  • BAMBOO BROOM HANDLE: Our Natural Wood Broom has a Lightweight, Comfortable, Long and Solid Bamboo Handle. It is long enough to sweep the wood floor and hard floor without bending. Bamboo Broom is made to last.

  • DECORATIVE BROOM: SN SKENNOVA Thai Vintage Retro Style Broom special design by Embroidered Woven Nylon Thread on Bamboo Stick for Handle under inspiration to preserved the art of an old generation of Thai Art Pattern

  • SPECIAL DESIGN STORAGE BAG - Loincloth Cotton storage bag to cover broom so you do not worry any dirt or dust will drop to the floor

  • MADE IN THAILAND:- Dimension Length 39-40 inch x Width 16 inch

  • Thai Traditional Grass Broom is handmade in Thailand. It is excellent for sweeping away the dust on your floor. Since it is super thick, you won't worry about leaving behind any dirt or dust. -It is durably created to last.

    This broom features a comfortable solid wood handle with full embroidered woven nylon thread Thai Pattern Vintage Retro Style. It is perfect for home use and even at the salon for sweeping up hair. It is attractive and unique looking.

    This broom will look great hanging in your kitchen or even any room as home decor. It will practically look like part of the decor instead of something you use to clean.

    Size Length 39 - 40-inch and Width 16-inch.

    Special Design: Loincloth Broom Bag: Escape the monotonous with the original form of packaging for the broom by discovering the new style of packaging that makes the broom does not have to keep the corners dodging. We designed a broom bag with a hanging holder made from KHAOMA Fabric or Loincloth

    As the broom is 100% handmade without any machine at all. When you receive and open the plastic bag cover with sweeping grass out. There will be few pieces of grass that came off, which is common for a hand-made broom. It is recommended that you remove it from the bag and flick to release the grass flow and take one tablespoon with warm water and put part of broom from handgrip till grass put into water 5 minutes and let them dry. You will have a broom without losing any grass from handgrip till long last use.

    SN SKENNOVA Asian Broom Thai Pattern Vintage Retro Natural Grass Broom Handmade Orange - B08MKRT5SKN

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