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S-t-x Thickened Non-Stick Aluminum Foil Roll Baking Tool Grilling Foil Wrap Double Side Available High Temperature Resistance 33 Ft 2 Rolls - B08DM1GN7CN

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  • ▲This aluminum foil is 12 inches wide, 10 microns thick, and 33 ft long. It is packed in 2 pieces. It is ideal for grilling and covering other areas. It is non-sticky, oil-proof and easy to clean.

  • ▲220℃ high temperature resistance, can provide a thick protective layer or covering layer in high temperature environment without cracking. This is very useful for evenly distributing calories and covering household food.

  • ▲Sawtooth design, easy to tear without effort, so you can work efficiently in the kitchen. When in use, just pull the foil up to cut quickly and cleanly.

  • ▲Various uses: aluminum foil can be placed in the refrigerator, the use of aluminum foil in the kitchen can cover the freshly cooked hot dishes, keep the grilled tender and moist during cooking, or line the cookware to ensure even heat distribution

  • ▲Food grade aluminum foil: High-quality cooking aluminum foil is pure and safe for food. It has passed all food safety requirements tests and does not contain any harmful chemicals.

  • This is the Good Stuff
    Aluminum Foil saves time with cooking and cleanup. This versatile aluminum foil is great for lining pans, covering dishes, and grilling your favorite summer meals. Easy Prep. Easy Cook. Easy Clean.

    ♥ Due to manual measurement, please allow a slight size difference.
    ♥ Please consider the actual size in the list, as pictures are usually enlarged to show details.
    ♥ Due to the difference in light and screen, the color of the project may be slightly different from the picture. Thank you for your understanding.
    ♥Do not pack foods with acid or high salt content for a long time to avoid discoloration of the aluminum foil;
    ♥Please store in a cool and dry place, away from children, use as soon as possible after opening to avoid oxidation.
    ♥The serrations are sharp, use with care, please keep it out of the reach of children.

    Product parameters:

    Product Name: Aluminum Foil
    Material: food grade aluminum foil
    Specification: 2 pieces
    Width: 12 inch (30cm)
    Length: 33 ft (10 meters)
    Thickness: 10 microns
    Heat resistance range: 220°C (within 20 minutes)
    Features: high temperature resistance, anti-sticking, anti-oil, jagged, easy to tear
    Scope of application: oven trays, barbecue cooking, food refrigeration, food freezing, food preservation, baking cakes, sealing and odor isolation, kitchen cleaning, shading and oxygen isolation

    What can different thickness of aluminum foil paper do?
    ●10 microns
    Suitable for: Oven tray, can wrap sweet potatoes, potatoes, corn, baked biscuits, etc.
    ●15 microns
    Suitable for: air fryer oven pads, wrapped ingredients, grilled chicken wings, barbecue, sausages and other meat foods. It is recommended that the size is 15 microns, and it can also be wrapped and steamed.
    ●18 microns
    Suitable for general grilling and packaging, such as charcoal grilled eggplant, corn, etc., which are common thicknesses on the mark

    S-t-x Thickened Non-Stick Aluminum Foil Roll Baking Tool Grilling Foil Wrap Double Side Available High Temperature Resistance 33 Ft 2 Rolls - B08DM1GN7CN

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