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FIND A SPARE Natural-Bristle Swivel Dusting Brush For Miele Vacuum Cleaners - B08VRVQX5PJ

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  • One Swivel Neck Round Dusting Brush for your Miele Vacuum Cleaners

  • To fit the following brand and models: Miele s2110, s300i, s321i, s344i, s2111, s301i, s322i, s346i, s270i, s310i, s323i, s347i, s274i, s311i, s324i, s348i, , s275i, s312i, s326i, s356i, s278i, s313i

  • Also models: s328i, s370, s280i, s314, i, s334i, s371, s290, s315i, s336i, s372, s291, s316i, s338i, s374, s300, s318i, s342i, s380, s381, s424i, s501, s5980, s400, s428i, s511, s716-1, s400i, s434i, s518-1, s7210

  • Used on the hose end on all Miele vacuums. Universal natural bristle

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