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Cleaning Sponges Scourers High Water-Absorbing Ultra Soft House Cars Windows Floors Desks Cleaning Sponge - B07SSZDWF6Q

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  • Material:This product is made of high-quality EVA materials; it has strong water absorption and good touch. The face is soft and delicate; no cotton or water marks are left after wiping. When wiping the furniture, as long as it is wiped off once, decontamination, strong graying power, free of detergent.High hydroscopicity. Suitable for cleaning cars, windows, floors, bathtubes, sinks, walls, desks and so on. Also can be used to clean body when taking a shower.

  • Applications:This car wash sponge is very suitable for scrubbing windshield, body, seat, instrument panel, all kinds of furniture, glass, kitchen utensils, washing machine, refrigerator surface, etc.Soft touch and no damage and scratching to the surface.

  • Removing heavy-duty, itching, improving blood circulation, saving energy and time

  • Strong Water Absorption:This car wash sponge is strong in water absorption, easy to foam, and has enough air holes to store the fine dust on the car, so that the stains are swept away and will not cause scratches on the car.Size: 17*7*3CM

  • Reusable and clean:This car wash sponge is tough, resistant to tearing, and it can also withstand repeated use.When not in use,please clean it immediately , so that bacteria can not grow, and it softens quickly after water.

  • Features:
    Color: Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Green(Sent by randoms)
    Strong water absorption
    Soft and confortable hand feeling, the surface of sponge is smooth and delicate
    Strong toughness, strong tensile resistance and tear-resistance
    The raw-material is adopted the high density and eco-friendly EVA, which is better than other sponges or towels. Its contact surface is nontoxic and without any side effects to our skin.
    It will be indurated when not in use. The Bacteria is unable to breeded.
    Wearable and durable. Its service life is very long.

    Cleaning sponge products can widely used in kitchen,oven,brushes,car washing,oil cleaning,animal cleaning, dishes, pots, doors,windows,etc.

    1 x Car Washing Sponge

    Unusable in a desert climate
    Soak the PVA sponge in the water for 10 seconds before using.
    It is solid when it is dry,just put it in the water and dry wring it,then you can use.

    Cleaning Sponges Scourers High Water-Absorbing Ultra Soft House Cars Windows Floors Desks Cleaning Sponge - B07SSZDWF6Q

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